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【 Dc fan 】 From the situation in the future

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
【 Dc fan 】 Far view the situation in the future
with variable frequency device localization work to strengthen, the near future is expected to produce domestic advanced technology, reliable performance, reasonable price products, meet the growing demand for frequency conversion equipment.
of course, frequency control of motor speed technology also has its disadvantages: one is the power of high power motor power supply voltage is high, and the low level of withstand voltage of inverter switch devices, cause for the problem of voltage matching; Second is of high technical content, high pressure high-power frequency conversion technology difficult, high cost and the configuration of low voltage frequency converter is 800 RMB/kW, and the configuration of high voltage frequency converter motor is 2000 RMB/kW, configuration of high voltage frequency converter motor investment for hydraulic coupling 68 times, but the general fan energy-saving reform requires low input, high return caused by the economic difficulties.
fan energy saving application of frequency control of motor speed control technology in power plant, the incomparable advantage with other control ways. Occupies a large proportion in the fan power consumption of the power plant, using variable frequency speed control technology, can improve the efficiency of equipment, and meet the requirements of the production process, greatly reduces the equipment maintenance, maintenance cost, economic benefit is very obvious, in the development of power industry and the whole national economy, has a broad application prospect. This article from wenling chi automotive air conditioning manufacturing co. , LTD.


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