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by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Dc fan control adjusting speed method, details are as follows. 。 。
1, the speed control of dc fan is mainly rely on improving coil current, can also increase the voltage to speed up. But it's easy to burning motor.
2, the use of dc speed governor control to adjust speed.
3, dc fan dc torque motor based on fuzzy PID speed control.
in the analysis of fuzzy control and PID control, on the basis of combination way, design a two-dimensional fuzzy PID control algorithm, the algorithm meets the threshold according to the error signal to decide when to switch between fuzzy control and PID control. The encoder, 80196 kc singlechip, 16 bits D/A converters and dc torque electric and combined with the above constitute dc torque motor of the fuzzy PID control algorithm steady speed control system.

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