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【 Dc fan 】 Control performance

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
【 Dc fan 】 Control performance
nowadays dc fan adopts brushless dc motor, brushless dc motor with out the excitation with collector ring and brush, in structure is greatly simplified. At the same time not only improved the technology of motor, and the motor running mechanical reliability enhanced greatly, increase the service life.
air gap flux density can be greatly improved at the same time, the motor index can realize zui beautiful design, the direct effect is smaller motor, reduction in weight. Not only that, compared with other motor, but also has very good control performance. This is because:
one of, due to the high performance of permanent magnet motor constant torque, torque to inertia ratio and greatly improve the power density, etc. Through the reasonable design and make the moment of inertia, electrical and mechanical time constant index is greatly reduced, as the main indicator of servo control performance has improved a lot.
second, modern permanent magnet magnetic circuit design has been more perfect, plus high coercive force of permanent magnet material, thus an armature reaction of permanent magnet motor and have also strengthened the ability of resistance to demagnetization, motor control parameters with the external disturbance affects greatly reduced.

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