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Dc fan and 【 Ac fan manufacturer 】 What's the difference?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Many people have been very concerned about for this, I don't know the dc fan and ac fan ( Ac fan manufacturer) Where is the difference between true zheng. We first from the fans are very important to analyze the bearing.
in the radiator scattered in varieties are: the use of sliding friction sleeve bearing and the use of rolling friction of ball bearings and two kinds of bearing form mixture of the three. Over the years many a cooling fan manufacturer in bearing introduced many new technologies, such as magnetic bearing, magnetic core of water bearing, bearing, bearing, etc are also improve on the above the basic form of bearing, operating principle, or no change. On the ordinary air cooled radiator main use of oil bearing and ball bearing. Belong to product of high duan auto bearing, high precision, high quality and the price is high, belong to product of three highs. Oil-retaining bearing can satisfy various work condition, and his life cycle is very long, prices are low, but the quality is relatively general.
on the working principle of the dc fan and ac fan ( Ac fan manufacturer) Is not the same. A magnetic field, electric current through a conductor, if will be placed in another magnetic field, the conductor will generate attraction or repulsion, moving object. Inside the blades, the rubber magnet around the silicon steel sheet, the axis part two sets of coil winding, and use hall sensor component as a group synchronous detection device control circuit, the circuit make the job of two groups of coil turns of coil axis. Produce different magnetic poles of the steel, the magnetic pole and rubber magnet repulsion. When the repulsion is greater than the fan of static friction force, natural rotating blades. Because the hall sensor component provides synchronization signals, blades so sustained operation.

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