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【 Dc fan ( 48 v wholesale) ] - - The wind always around you

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
【 Dc fan ( 48 v wholesale) 】 - - Let the wind is always around you dc fan (
48 v wholesale) Operation is changed by the condition of the heat, operating at a slower speed, dc fan, 48 v wholesale) Will produce less noise and consume less energy. In most of the design requirements, in the dc fan ( 48 v wholesale) Speed running hours after the design of the air temperature is usually bigger than zui temperature value is lower. Usually, low speed of dc fan ( 48 v wholesale) Enough to finish its work.
in the running, a temperature control fan, if feel thermistor temperature is higher when operating at a rapid speed; And the temperature is lower, will be operating at low speed; In the middle of the high and low, dc fan speed will almost will not change by temperature.
dc fan of the temperature change is slow, the fan speed change also slowly, not suddenly change fan speed and noise. The length of the reaction time mainly depends on its sensor for thermal sensitivity.
but also should consider when choosing and installation:
1, the sensor installation position should be paid attention to when the choice, the sensor in place, can make the sensor directly clamped on the surface of need cooling.
2, the choice of the dc fan must provide enough exhaust air ( Speed) High temperature circumstances, the cooling of hot air inside the equipment; When the temperature is lower and the heat flow is less time to do instead of work.
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