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Dc cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
There are a lot of after purchase dc cooling fan, don't know how to correct use and usually don't pay attention to maintenance lead to shorten, dc cooling fan, life often damage, etc. , caused a significant portion of the unnecessary loss. Then the following by wen ling tong chi automotive air conditioning dc cooling fan manufacturers to tell everyone dc cooling fan of some matters needing attention. First, the oil bearing dc cooling fan, had better be to use within 6 months, if long time vacancy affects radiator cooling fan performance; Second, dc cooling fan of the lock shell, a screwdriver to twist, gently as far as possible, shall not exceed 4 KGF; Don't matter such as blocked cooling fan with iron bars, or it will damage the cooling fan; Third, if the cooling fan too many, in handling, must not let it fall on high, or will be broken and influencing other performance especially ball bearing cooling fan; Fourth, when high-speed regulated dc cooling fan, don't put your finger in, to avoid the scratch. Fifth, installing a dc cooling fan, pay attention to the resonance or vibration, because produce less noise; Sixth, please avoid dust, water, insects, and affect the life and bad product; (1), do not force pulling the power cord, because its line is thin, very easy to cause the axis and the power cord damage; Seventh, do not use dc cooling fan in the space of high temperature, otherwise it will lead to the cooling fan deformation and impact performance; 8, when the dc cooling fan in the working, don't put the radiator cooling fan blade lock time is too long, or it will produce heat and burning dc cooling fan; More than eight o 'clock is dc cooling fan in the daily matters need to notice, of course, a few little detail, not tell one by one. If still have what not understand, can consult our 【 YiRongChuan 】 。 Our company is specialized in the r&d radiator cooling fan, dc cooling fan, dc fan peng merchants, quality first-class service, dc cooling fan brand leader, dc cooling fan price consulting, 18923728252
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