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Dc cooling fan with ac cooling fan?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
As people living standard rise, all kinds of cooling fan needs more and more, there are civil and industrial use. Use occasions is multifarious, a lot of people to the cooling fan is a dc cooling fan or ac cooling fan is silly points not clear, it is necessary to introduce by ourselves here a detailed introduction: first, the different power supply mode: by dc dc cooling fan works, and ac cooling fan is operated ac. Second, different working principle: the principle of dc cooling fan is by dc voltage and electromagnetic induction, the electrical energy into mechanical energy to drive the blades rotate quickly, relying on the coil and switch IC, induction magnetic ring from drive the blades rotating. The principle of ac cooling fan is operated ac power to drive, alternating voltage will be the positive and negative, without the need for control circuit, creating a magnetic field. Power frequency is fixed, silicon steel sheet produced by pole change speed, decided by the power frequency, the higher the frequency the faster the speed of magnetic switch. Third, bearing different: generally scattered in the radiator in varieties are: the use of sliding friction sleeve bearing and the use of rolling friction of ball bearings and two kinds of bearing form mixture of the three. Over the years many radiator manufacturer in bearing introduced many new technologies, such as magnetic bearing, magnetic core of water bearing, bearing, bearing, etc are also improve on the above the basic form of bearing, operating principle, or no change. On the ordinary air cooled radiator main use of oil bearing and ball bearing. Double ball bearing belongs to high-end products, high precision, high quality and the price is high, belong to product of three highs. Oil-retaining bearing can satisfy various work condition, and his life cycle is very long, prices are low, but the quality is relatively general. Borders radiator cooling fan is the points above are some of the methods, dc or ac if you still can't come, that is the most direct ask manufacturer, wen ling chi car air conditioning cooling cooling fan manufacturers, professional provide radiator cooling fan, cooling fan, dc ac cooling fan in the wholesale and order, our technical staff can answer any correlation knowledge for you. Let you have a deeper understanding, information telephone 13927478859.
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