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【 Dc cooling fan. - The solution of oil bearing noise

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Dc cooling fan for better understand this piece of merchants know that root tree bearing different radiator cooling fan can be divided into two kinds, 1, oil bearing 2. Ball bearing, oil bearing because of its smaller than the noise of ball bearing, because of the low price, so the more widely used. As usual we use cars, household electrical appliances more part using the oil bearing. Then the following - by our dc cooling fan manufacturer Chi automotive air conditioning technician teach everyone treatment of oil bearing noise. Processing methods can be divided into the following four steps: first, from the cooling fan on the radiator or chassis will be removed, the cooling fan to disconnect the power supply switch power supply enclosure, remove the cooling fan. First clean the dust on the surface of the cooling fan with brush; Second, the cooling fan refuels practices is very simple, tearing adhesive oil seal, with a wafer pointed tweezers to pull down the cooling fan shaft pin, unplug the cooling fan, then use absorbent cotton cleaning oil bearing collar and cooling fan axis, then remove the reverse steps back, and then in the shaft sleeve and the shaft crack drip into the right amount of bearing lubricating oil ( Can be substituted for clock oil or sewing machine oil) , and then turn the cooling fan with the hand, cause oil base to inhale a crack in the shaft sleeve, too much oil available absorbent cotton suck out. Stick back to crude oil seal, such as not adhere to it, can be used more than two layers of plastic tape cut crude oil seal size instead. Third, the cooling fan, electric test alone: ( Such as unconditional can omit this step, directly back to the cooling fan on trial,) Looking for a 12 v voltage, output current 200 ma dc power supply, the positive (positive and negative respectively after the cooling fan The red line) And the cathode ( The black line) Basically eliminated, such as in addition to the wind, noise, show that bearing wear not serious, can be used again for a period of time. Severely damaged as a result of the cooling fan bearing, the noise is bigger, still going to buy the same size cooling fan substitution, buy buy boxed products (officially Name having the site of factory, do manual work is good) , and let the merchants on the spot test, carefully listen to the voice of the cooling fan rotation, and hand feeling, in addition to the wind, the basic without noise, stable rotation, vibration as well. Fourth, put back to the cooling fan, the installation should be in place, firmly lock the card pin, screw to tighten, prevent loosening vibration noise. Also note that the cooling fan and lead other wiring do not meet the cooling fan blade inside machine. Above is the oil bearing processing method of dc cooling fan noise, more information please pay attention to our company, our company wen ling chi car air conditioning is specializing in the production of radiator cooling fan, dc cooling fan, dc blower manufacturer. Excellent quality, first-class service, free proofing, directly or indirectly from more than 10 years of manufacturing experience, welcome to snap up; :
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