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【 Dc cooling fan. - The principle of cooling in stage lighting

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
With the progress of the society, the development of productivity, product competition degree is more and more fierce. People to promote their products, and continuously builds the stage, stage lighting is more colorful, dazzle beautiful dazzing. So the light of the dc cooling fan has been used more and more widely, so how the dc cooling fan stage lighting is for light heat dissipation? Here and listen to wen ling chi automotive air conditioning for you in detail: the light is the principle of dc cooling fan, with high thermal conductivity material of the medium of the radiator, the lamps and lanterns of heat conduction in the form of physical contact, the high thermal conductivity material for aluminum, because of light quality, low price and easy to make, it as the basic materials, is the production of lamps and lanterns radiator and to maximize heat conduction to the radiator, also need to fill between heat source and heat sink recto kind of high heat conduction medium of heat conduction, used for LED devices and radiator thermal conductive medium is commonly between silicone potting glue of thermal conductivity, the organic silicon high thermal conductivity potting glue can effectively improve the LED ball steep light heat dissipation capacity, and also has good protection performance, has the good, moisture resistance and weather resistance, salt mist especially in resistance to temperature shock performance, is incomparable by other material potting glue, can be in - 60 ℃ ~ 200 ℃ under the conditions of use for a long time. Dc cooling fan, the basic working principle, according to the different ways to use dc motor and ac motor type. Using a computer as a dc cooling fan motor, power supply voltage of + 12 V, speed from 1000 to 10000 RPM. DC DC electrical energy into mechanical energy of rotating machinery. It consists of three parts of the stator, rotor and commutator, there are two or more of the rotor coil, wire winding magnet, is called the winding. When a current flows through the winding of magnetic field, magnetic field and stator magnetic field produced by force. Because the stator is fixed, so the rotation of the rotor. Commutator of the dc motor is a kind of special device, the commutation of multiple, every two adjacent commutator segment is the insulation of the middleware. Fixed spring load of the surface of the brush, commutator rotating armature winding connected to the external circuit. When the rotor rotating an Angle, commutator, connected to the power supply voltage to another winding, a magnetic field winding. See, due to the presence of commutator, through the electromagnetic torque of the armature coils remains the same, the armature rotating liquid under the action of the electromagnetic torque of the rotor bearing and use of the dynamic cooperation between bearing box structure. Cooling fan blade is fixed on the rotor, so, when the rotor rotates, the cooling fan will rotate with the rotor. Ordinary fans used widely in ball bearings, high-end radiator fan running, in order to improve the stability of the system, and improve the service life and usually more advanced liquid bearing. Stage lighting radiator cooling fan is done by brushless dc motor reversing. Because of the friction brush, make the brush even shorten the service life of the machine. At the same time, will produce the spark in high-speed processing of a brush, but also on the surrounding with electronic circuits. People have invented a brushless dc motor, is called a brushless motor. Above is the stage in the working principle of dc cooling fan, more knowledge about radiator cooling fan, please pay attention to wenling chi automotive air conditioning technology co. , LTD.
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