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DC cooling fan of the plastic in what is the difference between column and column in the copper

by:TOCH     2021-01-27

1, the cooling fan column used in PBT, plastic material, the cooling fan of the low cost, simple injection, but the fan low accuracy, low temperature resistant, high temperature and high speed when the fan long time running may lead to deformation of the fan, affect the service life of the fan, what more can cause fan jitter, the phenomenon such as polishing the box, suitable for low speed, low cost of ordinary fans.

2, cooling fan in the column to use copper quality, cooling fan of high accuracy, good ball heat dissipation, suitable for high speed fan, long life and high quality air blower fan, but you cannot sell the cow and drink the milk, the high cost of the cooling fan, the injection molding processing requirement is high also.

chi automotive professional do the cooling fan has been, is kaimei Jamicon cooling fans in Taiwan China, SanAce Japanese mountain the cooling fan agent, has rich experience in the technical team, can help to do a cooling fan application solutions, to provide the cooling fan of reliable quality, stable delivery time, customers need to use a cooling fan, cooling fan production counterparts to discuss with tong chi technology communication.
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