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Dc cooling fan noise reduction strategy

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Dc cooling fan noise is cannot be put an end to the, it is also recognized fact, but some cooling dc cooling fan manufacturer of dc cooling fan noise is very small, and how do they do it? Here are made by our wen ling tong chi automotive air conditioning co. , LTD. , professional technicians to teach everybody heat dc cooling fan noise reduction methods: first, the system resistance: in general, a casing into the tuyere and the outlet is the most most of the noise of the system resistance, air flow, the greater the more noise they make, the system resistance is larger, so if you want to less noise, you must put the system of Yin to a minimum. Second, dc cooling fan rotational speed and size: due to the faster the speed, the greater the noise, so the high speed of cooling fan in general than the low speed of cooling fan noise is much larger, if the cooling capacity, try to choose low speed large size of dc cooling fan. Third, the material of dc cooling fan, radiator cooling fan material decides the cooling fan in turn caused shock when the size of the noise, the fourth, the power supply voltage: sometimes the voltage instability can also lead to the cooling fan noise is bigger, the higher the voltage, the greater the noise, on the contrary, the lower the noise. Fifth, the design of the cooling fan, cooling fan design can not only decide the cooling fan of durability, or one of the measure of a cooling fan is good or bad, good heat dissipation cooling fan, its design is very precise, the cooling fan blade quantity and the design of the frame and the cooling fan of various parts of the spacing and the cooling fan is just the right size, so can not only increase the service life of dc cooling fan, but also can reduce the noise of the cooling fan. Ok, above is the small dc cooling fan noise reduction strategy, hope to be able to help you, our company is a company radiator cooling fan, radiator cooling fan of professional research and development production, ac dc cooling fan, dc fan peng, and other products, rich design experience, can design a basket for you the most complete cooling fan products, brand quality assurance, welcome to come to consult.
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