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Cooling solution axial flow fan noise

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
In life, we often troubled by the cooling fan noise, bad it affect the quality of our life and work, the noise of the cooling fan is a very stressful thing, we usually use the cooling shaft wind flow machine mainly in order to achieve good ventilation effect, however, the cooling fan at the same time of bring us good heat dissipation effect, will also bring us the annoying noise, so in this case how should we deal with, go to the best of both worlds? The following is 【 by possessing the cooling fan manufacturer YiRongChuan 】 Electronic teaching everyone the cooling fan noise solution. To realize axial flow fan noise solution, that we have to first understand the cooling fan noise is generated in the use of, is one of the most important components, fan impeller in the role of it at the same time also can bring some bad phenomenon, that is the occurrence of noise, the rotation of the impeller at high speed, low load cases, can appear obvious noise, often referred to as the discrete noise, discrete noise is due to the blade forces around says structure and blade mouth design test the non-uniform flow field formed by the rotating of noise, as a result of the interaction between inlet before because leading blade or metal net and the air inlet noise interference. Blade in matte or asymmetric casing rotation frequency of the noise. The noise generated in the impeller itself for users cannot completely solve, because the fan in use is always going to have some air resistance, the resistance itself will produce certain noise. Eddy current noise in fan industry is one of the typical types, there are certain to flow turbulence intensity produced by the air flow to the blade to flow turbulence noise. Due to fluctuating airflow through blade surface noise produced by the turbulent boundary layer turbulence boundary layer. Due to the blade surface turbulent boundary layer on blade trailing edge off detached vortex noise. It is difficult to solve several noise, users need to master some skills can, from the perspective of the usage of the fan, we attaches great importance to the fan efficiency at the same time, can't ignore the impact of some of the noise. Solve the problem of noise is also a lot of places to put forward a new request. Ok, that is cooling axial flow fan noise solution, hope to be of help, more radiator cooling fan, please pay close attention to possessing 'YiRongChuan'
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