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Cooling of the cooling fan bearing which several types are there?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Radiator cooling fan, its working principle is implemented according to the energy conversion, namely: the electrical energy to electromagnetic energy, mechanical energy to kinetic energy. Radiator cooling fan is divided into a variety of forms, the bearing is different, its performance will have difference. So every time when it comes to radiator cooling fan, with the customers will ask them is to choose the ball bearing, or choose the oil-retaining bearing, then below small make up to introduce radiator cooling fan bearings for everybody has what kinds of types. : by the type of cooling of the cooling fan bearing oil bearing and ball bearing of two kinds: one, features: ball bearing, ball bearing system has been shown to have the characteristics of high efficiency and low calorific. Ball bearing rolling friction, the metal bead rolling, contact surface is small, small friction coefficient; Oil-retaining bearing, oil bearing for sliding friction, contact area is large, use for a long time, after oil volatilization, bearing is easy to wear and friction coefficient is big, the noise caused by the late life is short. Late because oil bearing service life is too short, the noise is big, can't compare with roller bearing, so now there are a lot of radiator cooling fan manufacturers are not use oil bearing, unless it is a small radiator cooling fan, can't use bearing to be used. The radiator cooling fan with good quality in addition to the large air quantity, high wind pressure, the reliability is also very important, the use of bearing form in this is very important. Second, performance, application: oil bearing: oil bearing life generally for 10000 hours, the double ball bearing for 50000 hours or more ( The environment temperature setting below 25 ℃) 。 Used in radiator cooling fan oil bearing the copper base powder sintering and become, use oily add lubricating oil to reduce the number of sliding friction bearing and lubricating oil by lithium grease and oil special modulation. Ball bearing: because the life of the radiator cooling fan often depends on the reliability of the bearing and ball bearing system has proved has the characteristics of high efficiency and low heating. So the ball bearing replaced by rolling friction for sliding friction, low friction coefficient and overcomes the drawback of the coefficient of friction can become, and running stability is strong, relatively is much longer service life, and the noise is small, so the price is more expensive. About cooling radiator fan bearing knowledge to share, what do we learn from the above content, heat dissipation of the cooling fan bearings with oil bearing and ball bearing two kinds, everyone understand the characteristics of the heat dissipation types of bearing, for future will be of great help in choosing a radiator cooling fan!
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