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Cooling of the cooling fan bearing types and the characteristics of the bearing

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Radiator cooling fan bearing is playing outside casing tube in a fixed the cylindrical rotor shaft core components, the kinds of the bearing in the radiator cooling fan industry has a lot of, a special patent bearing, magnetic bearing, hydraulic bearing, various and some of her own, of course, not too ideal bearing, would not be in this list the general there are three kinds of bearings, ball bearings, single ball bearing and oil bearing, single ball bearing is now less and less actually employ, because this structure is not stable and have some guests said to the bearing, in fact most of them said to double ball bearing, they call for gas oil bearing, oil pressure have everything, YiRongChuan technology when the customer need the sample, will be careful to ask clear. Wenling city chi automotive air conditioning technology co. , LTD was founded in 2002 in wen ling, is a professional research and development, production, sales, radiator cooling fan of high-tech enterprises. Produced dc cooling fans, ac cooling fan, blower, waterproof/dustproof cooling fan, EC conversion and the cooling fan, radiator dc cooling fan, car radiator cooling fan, mute radiator cooling fan, radiator cooling fan, turbo cooling fan, dc dc cooling fan, centrifugal fan, blower, air blower factory, new energy dc cooling fan, brushless motor, etc. , has been widely used in: communications equipment, UPS power supply, medical equipment, electric welding machine, industrial control equipment, household electrical appliances, air purification industry, automobile industry, projectors, beauty equipment, sports equipment, and other areas of the industry. YiRongChuan company has a high-quality management personnel and technical research and development team, the company has been committed to the standardization management, and strictly enforce the ISO9001:2015, IATF16949:2016 quality management system standards. About 120 excellent assembly staff, used the standardized production process, the implementation of standardized operation, the monthly output of about 1. 2 million units, efficient the monthly production capacity of more than 2 million units. And has perfect quality testing control process, fully guarantee the product reliability and stability. Company to customer demand and needs as the guidance, in order to better serve global customers, YiRongChuan radiator cooling fan has obtained a series of authoritative certification: CE, FCC, UL, ROHS, etc. More than 10 years of growth and the large investment, has introduced high temperature aging equipment, constant temperature and humidity equipments, the normal temperature aging equipment, salt spray testing machine, balance machine, no ring chamber, PWM signal generator and digital oscilloscope, digital bridge, such as high-end equipment, guarantee the product reliability and stability. YiRongChuan will as always adhered to the 'talent for this, the pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation, common prosperity' as the principle, for new and old customers to provide quality products and services. Sincerely hope to cooperate sincerely with friends from all walks of life to create a better tomorrow!
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