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Cooling fans appear to jilt oil how to return a responsibility?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Some cooling fan use jilt oil situation occurs, then why the appear this kind of circumstance?

oil is known to all, is our common oil, however, the oil and divide class. High, medium and low three gears of the oil. Low oil, it is more thin, may be poured out like water, but the color is a bit yellow, also volatile. High-grade oil, viscosity is better, not easy also evaporate by air. To make it longer.

lubricating oil of the cooling fan, more less is the quality of the cooling fan has a relationship. Oil added, the cooling fan is in operation, is likely to be oil is thrown out. Less oil, it can make the life of the fan will not reach 2 w h.

to jilt oil is divided into two kinds. One is the cause of the oil itself, is a cooling fan tag oil.

a, mainly oil too much. And then there is the oil is too thin.

2, mainly because the oil seal cover of rubber seal, but too little. Itself is a sticky label, after you tear off label, oil seal cover has been pulled out. Didn't notice, after stick labels back, run a risk of oil spills.
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