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Cooling fan test methods of operation convenient small sample

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling fan in the sample, try the fan generally need a long time at the beginning of the sample measured look to whether can meet the demand of equipment cooling effect, the engineer at the beginning of the new project selection fan sample to choose two or a few different parameters of the fan to the measured, so that a cooling fan factory do samples need time, testing many fans need time, add up time would slow the progress of the project, in terms of the situation, I ask the application technical support Huang Gong tong chi auto cooling fan, please his past experience has taught us when convenient method to test small cooling fan.

the following is a general chi Huang Gong share an electric car charger project prophase cooling fan test cases:

the first engineer bought Taiwan kaimei Jamicon fan samples, size 40 * 40 * 28 dc fan models: DC12V SF0428B1H, found in the testing process, measuring temperature cooling have allowance, fan noise is also a little on the high side, selection of the fan needs to test, only under the condition of positive and negative power supply cord, the fan Huang Gong fan with adjustable power supply by adjusting voltage is put forward, to reduce the fan speed and noise, after regulating and testing, the fan power supply 9. 5 v power supply fan speed, heat and noise is best, can meet the cooling of equipment, customized speed measurement under the rated voltage and 9. 5 v as parameters.

first of all, we test the cooling fan in September. 5 v power supply when the rotation speed, can use infrared speed detector or oscilloscope;

with the current hook shot test fan output current graphics ( No current hook rob, string of small resistance, voltage waveform) on the detection of small resistance

test 5 valley value as the delta t time is 4. 2 ms, to calculate the cooling fan speed: speed as = 60 seconds/delta t. Rotation speed is 60000 ms / 4. 2 ms = 14285 RPM. So batch production the cooling fan can be directly used to customize the 12 v rated voltage, the nominal speed 14500 RPM fan.

this is tong chi car Huang Gong share fan test sample for you save time and sample fee method, if you have better Suggestions or solutions, welcome to participate in the discussion oh, thank you!

chi automotive professional do the cooling fan has been, is kaimei Jamicon cooling fans in Taiwan China, SanAce Japanese mountain the cooling fan agent, has rich experience in the technical team, can help to do a cooling fan application solutions, to provide the cooling fan of reliable quality, stable delivery time, customers need to use a cooling fan, cooling fan production counterparts to discuss with tong chi technology communication.
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