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Cooling fan speed slow reason, dc cooling fan is good for you to how to choose?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
A cooling fan is very common in our life and production, the working principle of the cooling fan is implemented according to the energy conversion, namely: the electrical energy to electromagnetic energy, mechanical energy to kinetic energy. The circuit principle generally divided into a variety of forms, the circuit is different, the performance of the fan will have difference.

the cooling fan speed depends on the voltage, the fan blade Angle, diameter, the number of the fan blade and bearing. So, what is the cause of the slow cooling fan speed? Tong chi car to find out why you:

the cooling fan speed is the main decision condition of the fan structure and parts, bearing friction force and the wind resistance of the blade Angle. If the cooling fan air pressure is insufficient, will also affect the speed of the fan.

1. The external environment ( Such as sand, high and low temperature) May also affect the speed of cooling fan.

2. Check whether the cooling fan for a long time without cleaning, because in the accumulation of dust and impurities can make the fan operation, decreasing speed requires more energy.

3. Check whether the cooling fan is installed correctly. If the installation is not correct, if loose fan, fan speed will also drop.

pick six points of the dc fan:

a. Choice can achieve large air volume of fan. If we want to have a look at, the wind quantity is what we expected.

2. Choose small size of the fan can be implemented successfully. According to the site we use environmental requirements to choose small size of the cooling fan.

3. Choice can achieve the noise of the fan. The height of the noise is always a fan of quality standards, so that this aspect to choose carefully.

4. Choice can achieve less power consumption of the fan. Energy saving is our choice of cooling fans a big goal.

5. Choosing a long using life of fan. Able to work for a long time is our necessary choice.

6. Choice cost low fan. This is a very real problem.

this mastery selection dc fan points, you can according to oneself to choose suitable for their own brand of cooling fans, when your dc cooling fans after slow problem, you can see whether the above reasons, according to find the reasons of the fan is slow problem handling, if cannot be handled yourself can choose professional help. Is our general chi car production sales set a cooling fan manufacturer, focus on research and development production of cooling fans, axial flow fan, centrifugal fan, blower, industrial cooling fans, ac cooling fans, dc cooling fan; And has its own brand: jentech fan, can provide you with professional heat dissipation system solutions, welcome your understanding and advice.
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