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Cooling fan roughly divided into the categories the cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Belong to a big words, points have an industrial cooling fan, household cooling fan, military industrial cooling fan three categories. The following by wenling chi automotive air conditioning technology co. , LTD. Engineer to simple explanations are as follows: one, industrial cooling fan: industrial cooling fan like power cooling, large factory building cooling and heat dissipation of household appliances, power supply cooling: therefore poetry, is the power cooling, the heat generated by the power supply module away quickly. Commonly used to power on the cooling fan size 2 cm to 25. 4CM。 Plant cooling: in view of the large factory radiator, generally the cooling fan rotational speed is low, low noise, cooling area is large, this is for workers heat dissipation. Size between 1 m to 10 m. Appliances heat: as you can see from the word meaning is used in household appliances, such as induction cooker, fridge, electric bicycle charger, oven, dishwasher, etc. , most use dc cooling fan, used to the cooling fan size 2 cm to 25. 4 cm. Two, household cooling fan: the associated with the home appliance heat a little bit of a categories, give us ordinary people, household cooling fan is families have, is used to give people heat, cool, that's right is this kind of cooling fan called household cooling fan, actually contains a kind of call leaves the cooling fan, floor fan, wall fan. Leaves the cooling fan: as the name implies, that is, we are can't see the cooling fan blades. Is through a cooling fan cooling fan from the crevice, high-speed centrifuge. The floor fan: is home directly after the 220 v electric to the ground using the cooling fan, here is explained in detail. Similar wall fan, floor fan, just hang on the wall, which is fixed way is different. Three, military industrial cooling fan: military cooling fan is military equipment in the cooling fan of cooling device or module. The cooling fan is also on this power radiator cooling fan, purpose, just test standard industrial cooling fan yan is much than us. Such as EMC, test interference band is strong industrial test several times, the high temperature is not the so-called 80 °, special to 150 degrees. About on the military is not in detail. Involved in speech too much is not good.
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