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Cooling fan outlet distance and the hole size affect the cooling performance?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling fans just as its name implies is to make the hot air out, the cold air came in, within the equipment on the cooling source conveying cold air, lower temperature, to prevent the equipment due to the temperature is too high to stop work even more scrap.

then affect the cooling fan delivery of cold air and hot air output is related to what factors?

chi automotive cooling fan engineer according to the actual application experience: such as fan outlet is small, smooth words will not result in hot air out, the cold wind also into not to, or in the cold wind of less, this kind of case will has a great influence on the performance of radiator cooling fan.

cases such as: the application of 600 w moving head light cooling fan, cooling fan is chi JC9225B12H 9225 fans, dc fan DC12V, 2500 turn, installed in below the first case, the whole machine on the shell after the noisy, a cooling fan engineer analysis: key in the distance, in and out of the fan and fan as shell in and out of the seal not only change the direction of the wind, more is the key hole is too small, so the improved, moving head light increases after the opening, the whole machine noise is reduced to 55 from 62 db db.

chi automotive professional do the cooling fan has, is the cooling fan agent, SanAce Japan Jamicon kaimei cooling fan in China Taiwan, AVC fan agent in Taiwan, has rich experience in the technical team, can help to do a cooling fan application solutions, to provide a cooling fan quality, reliable and stable delivery time, have the customer need to use a cooling fan, cooling fan production counterparts can discuss exchanges with them.
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