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Cooling fan noise anomaly detection test project

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling fans after a period of use, some fans will appear abnormal phenomenon such as noise, eliminate the cause of the improper installation noise caused by the increase is because at the time of semi-finished products processing, the finished goods inspection the factory does not give importance to cause the user to use after a period of time can produce this kind of situation, then on the semi-finished products processing and we will be in strict accordance with the SOP operation, finished goods inspection comprehensive testing, we are doing a batch of tong chi fan sample detection test projects generally have the following several:

1, respectively, test a cooling fan electrical parameter

2, fan sound detector and

3, fan blades is super box

the cause of the cooling fan noise:

1, the cooling fan different sound - — Test stand upright, up and down the fan noise normal

2, fan shake - — Whether fan flat handle jitter normal

3, fan fan Ye Chao box - — On the label for flat fan box in metal surface, no blades phenomenon of super box.

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