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Cooling fan in use process should pay attention to

by:TOCH     2021-01-27

4, and a cooling fan containers stacked layers of not more than seven layers, a cooling fan case banned erect, box was banned from the height of 30 cm above the

5, when armed with a cooling fan can't press the blades, if the blade is pressed, the cooling fan is likely to damage the

6, a cooling fan in the transport, avoid long time to walk on the bumpy road, if exert too much vibration on a cooling fan for a long time, the bearing is likely to leave indentation

2, cooling fan deposit environment considerations (please avoid using and storage products in the following environment clock, otherwise may lead to a cooling fan failure or performance degradation)

1, the cooling fan is the place that continue to vibration or shock

2, a cooling fan to avoid in strong magnetic field using the

3, strong electromagnetic interference caused by radiation on using a cooling fan

4, in a cooling fan on the power cord overlap electromagnetic interference environment, drastic change of environment (temperature, humidity change)
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