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Cooling fan failure causes and treatment methods

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling fan is used in different industries as auxiliary equipment, mainly worked as a radiator cooling, ensure that the equipment under working long hours is not itself the heat generated by the burn out. Cooling fan once appear problem, it will affect the using life of equipment. What are the cooling fan appear the cause of the problem? A cooling fan has difficulty in the design, cooperate with various parts of the improper, the fan running will attack in vibration or noise. In addition if the fan design structure is not reasonable, use of material is bad, easy to form the blade cracks or broken, present problems. Technology parameters of the cooling fan is deviating from the design value, often can make the machine in the machine works in super speed, over, or low speed and low load operation, cannot reach the fan performance, easy to present problems. Rendering errors when a cooling fan device, components, or bearing on the bad, will form the fan load is too large, easy to burn out. Fan rotor placed incorrectly, not according to the rules to stop testing, fan operation brings deviation, attack. Cooling fan is aging, after a long-term operation can form local parts are fan tired, make the rotor damage, parts affected by the impact force of produce the phenomenon such as pitting appearance, part wear, fan operation present problems. What about a cooling fan to present the cause of the problem, today to share here. Cooling fans present problem is a big reason the cooling fan's own quality is bad, use the effect not beautiful, so initiative to everyone in the purchase of a cooling fan, choose good fan manufacturers strong word of mouth, and ensure the quality.
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