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Cooling fan cooling working principle and composition of knowledge

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
With the development of science and technology, the function of electronic products is also more and more strong. We are in the process of using a car, will inevitably encounter the heat generated by the electronic original cause fever, thus shortening the time of the use of electronic products, reduce the service life. So now, the original electronic cooling becomes more important. And the cooling fan is the best way to solve the heat dissipation of the cooling fan is the use of forced convection in cooling, with their own training effect, and then using the heat exchange between air and heat dissipation products take away heat, so as to realize the forced convection cooling way. The cooling fan is also divided into many categories, summed up can be divided into three points: 1. According to the wind leaf and air flow system is divided into: shaft diaspora heat fan, centrifugal cooling fan. 2. According to the working current is divided into: dc cooling fans, ac cooling fan. 3. According to the purpose of the cooling fan can be divided into: power supply cooling fan, chassis cooling fan, stereo radiator fan, auto cooling fan, refrigerator cooling fan, cooling fan cooling fan and desktop auto cooling fan, etc. The composition of the cooling fan: 1. Rotor part: including blades, axis, copper and copper outside the box. 2. The stator part: including motor, frame, bearing and connector. Control part is composed of hall IC, PCB, and a series of original. But it is as a cooling fan bearing the existence of the life of the bottleneck factors, through the work of the cooling fan noise, also cost a total want to impact. The cooling fan of bearing system is generally divided into several ( Depending on the price list first,) : oil bearings, ball bearings, ceramic bearings, hydraulic rifle bearing and dynamic pressure bearing. Above is the cooling fan working principle and composition of the device, hope to be of help, the more heat radiator fan knowledge please concern 'YiRongChuan'
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