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Cooling fan cooling through three ways of heat transfer which one

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling fan cooling through three ways of heat transfer which an implementation of the

release date: 2015 - 05 - 30

chi car is a set research and development, production, sales in the integration of a cooling fan manufacturers, the company was established in 20, we work on a cooling fan industry more than ten years, now has independent brand M - FAN。 Below will give you interpret the three ways of heat transfer, I believe you will soon understand that a cooling fan is through what kind of heat conduction of heat dissipation.

it is well known that heat transfer is common nature of a natural phenomenon. As long as the object or between the same between different parts of the temperature difference, there will be heat transfer phenomenon occurs, and continues until the temperature of the same time. Occurrence is the only condition of heat transfer temperature difference, and with the state of the object, regardless of whether contact between objects. Disappear heat transfer is the result of the difference in temperature, the heat transfer of different parts of the object or to reach the same temperature.
1. Conduction: heat conduction is medium ( Medium mainly divided into: gas, liquid, solid, or mixed) No the phenomenon of macroscopic motion of heat transfer, which all can happen in solid, liquid and gas, but strictly speaking, only is the pure heat conduction in solids, and fluid even in static state, which will be due to the temperature gradient caused by the natural convection resulting from the density difference, therefore, the convection and heat transfer in the fluid at the same time. ( Conclusion: heat transfer occurs mainly in solid internal and between two different solid, solid liquid and solid between gas and liquid gas, the heat transfer between them, we can't see the macroscopic movement)
2. Convection: between objects with fluid ( Fluid is the floorboard of the liquid and gas) As medium, using heat bilges cold shrink and can flow characteristic of fluid, heat transfer. Heat convection is to rely on the flow of liquid or gas, make the internal energy from high temperature part to lower part of the process. Convection heat transfer liquid or gas is the main way, the convection of the gas obviously than those of liquids. Convection can be divided into natural convection and forced convection. Natural convection often occur naturally, is due to uneven temperature. Forced convection is formed due to the influence of fluid mixing of the outside world. A cooling fan is heat transfer by convection to achieve cooling heat dissipation.
3. Radiation: between objects using radiation and electromagnetic wave absorb each other, without any medium temperature can strike a balance. Thermal radiation is the object does not rely on media, the energy emitted directly, to the process of other objects. Thermal radiation is the primary means of long distance transmission energy such as solar energy is in the form of thermal radiation, through space to the earth. Objects at low temperature, mainly invisible infrared radiation, so that higher temperature at 500 degrees Celsius, the progressive launch visible light to ultraviolet radiation. The solar water heater, solar oven, microwave oven is thermal radiation, etc.

is heat transfer by heat conduction, convection and thermal radiation of the three ways to implement. In the process of the actual heat transfer, this three ways are not alone.
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