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Cooling fan bearing type large collection

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Bearing is to determine the cooling fan performance is a very important component, generally we commonly used bearing has a double ball bearing ( 双球) , hydraulic bearing ( Hydraulic) And oil bearing ( 套) Should be we often hear about the three kinds of bearing and will come into contact with, high-speed fan using double ball bearings, low speed fan is the use of oil bearing.

bearing type what are then?

1, the double ball bearing ( 双球) : belong to high-end bearing, in the form of rolling friction.

2, hydraulic bearing ( Hydraulic) : the technology was invented by AVC, modified on the basis of the oil-retaining bearing, JMAIOCN kaimei called flywheel ( HTLS) Bearings.

3, oil bearing, 套) : use oil as a lubricant.

4, the single ball bearing ( 球) : the improvement of traditional oil bearing, using a ball bearing is tie-in a oil bearing.

5, nano ceramic bearing ( NCB) : remains essentially is a kind of oil bearing, adopt the special polymer materials and additives to fully mix.

6, rifle bearing ( 步枪) : on behalf of the manufacturer sanfeng ( protechnic) With the hydraulic bearing all roads lead to Rome.

7, fluid bearing protection system ( Hypro) : on behalf of the manufacturers association (jubilee 加入) With the hydraulic bearing all roads lead to Rome.

8, vaporizing bearing ( vapo) : on behalf of the manufacturers to build ( SUNON) , the magnetic levitation technology improvement, the oil-retaining bearing collar to strengthen hardness, and the use of special materials, the inner surface through special processing.

9, magnetic levitation bearing ( 磁) : the motor is the design of the maglev, using magnetic effect to the rotor suspended in the air, shaft core and the maglev line are parallel, the rotor in a fixed orbit operation, but this is just a kind of auxiliary function, is not an independent bearing form, but also cooperate with other forms of bearing, such as magnetic levitation + oil-retaining bearing, magnetic levitation + ball bearing etc.

chi car professional do fan, agent JAMICON kaimei cooling fan, mainly has a double ball bearing, hydraulic bearing, oil bearing, ball bearing. Japanese SAN ACE mountain the cooling fan, only double ball bearing. AVC cooling fans in Taiwan, there are double ball bearings, hydraulic bearings and ball bearings. We will provide customers with the most professional, the most perfect technical support,
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