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Cooling fan air volume and a cooling fan wind a correlation

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
In daily life we come into contact with the cooling fan, and weigh the cooling fan cooling to two important indexes is a cooling fan air volume and air pressure. Then the cooling fan air volume and a cooling fan? What's the relationship between air pressure. A cooling fan air volume is refers to the product rate of fan ventilation area is flat. When a certain ventilation area, the plane speed, the greater the cooling fan air volume is larger. And a cooling fan air volume, the greater the heat air is, the greater the air at the transfer of the event can take weeks to take more heat and cooling effect is better. The plane speed is constant, the fan under the wheel diameter, the greater the ventilation area, the greater the cooling fan air volume is bigger. Common in order to stop the normal ventilation, flow resistance within the schedule needs to control the cooling fan, cooling fan must resist the cooling fan to supply air resistance pressure, the pressure is the wind cooling fan. To accomplish the purpose of the cooling fan air supply and demand have static pressure and dynamic pressure. Total pressure to the algebraic sum of static pressure and dynamic pressure, total pressure is given by the cooling fan in the total pressure increase, the cooling fan of the total pressure difference between exports and imports. In practical life application, nominal maximum wind quantity is not the practice of hot piece of delivery, and ventilation to strong doesn't mean airflow. In the air, the air flow in its activity way will meet fan heat collection or element block, the impedance will limit the free air circulation. Increase the air volume, air pressure will decrease.
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