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Continuous high temperature, indoor equipment for outdoor equipment sent condolences to survive!

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
The national meteorological center (today On July 14, 2017) Continue to release high temperature orange alert at 6 o 'clock in the morning, the day is expected today, and western Inner Mongolia, gansu, northwest eastern, central and southern north China, jiangnan, south China Eastern, southern xinjiang basin in xinjiang and other places more than 35 ℃ high temperature weather, among them, the central and southern hebei, shanxi, western and southern north, northeast and the guanzhong region of shaanxi, ningxia, gansu, zhejiang, jiangxi in the central and western parts of southern xinjiang basin in xinjiang and other places, the highest temperature can reach 39 ℃ ~ 37, local can more than 40 ℃.

see here I think of yesterday to eat lunch outside, the real realized what is my only difference between a handful of cumin powder and barbecue, thought of here I have made a great decision, I decided to me in more than 40 days in the year of the dog days are point takeout, kill me don't go out to eat. And I in my heart silently miss the typhoon, because the dog days and the typhoon is the most worthy.

but really, this kind of weather I was happy, a lot of the outdoor work under high temperature, the outdoor work, really admire. Hard, thank you!

said these people, now is that we work in the outdoor equipment, no matter how high the temperature are kept running, just the temperature is 40 degrees, equipment operation when the temperature of the device that is called a high ah, the temperature of the device is too high, will naturally cause a certain loss to equipment, and it should do, nothing have special cooling fan in the equipment, can give the temperature in the cooling equipment, reduce the wear and tear. Our JAMICON kaimei and San Ace the industrial cooling fan RPM high mountain, bring equipment cooling effect is very good. So you remember it in order to better operation, please take our industrial cooling fan to oh, will bring with you a big surprise!
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