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Communication equipment in the shaft diaspora heat fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
By environment and space factors, the general will be applied to - in the communications equipment Shaft diaspora heat fan, to help equipment exhaust heat, shaft diaspora hot fan because of the noise is small, long service life and strong not only the cooling air volume is big, but also has the characteristics of strong stability, so it was very popular, so here, [by possessing shaft diaspora hot fan vendor YiRongChuan 】 Electronic and diaspora you about communication equipment in the shaft heat fan. According to the different of bearing, axis diaspora hot oil bearing and ball bearing, and their service life is also different, under normal circumstances, the ball will last longer than oil, will be about five thousand hours, and oily guess would be about three thousand hours. Then we talk about the noise, the communications equipment in the shaft diaspora heat if there is a noise, because if the blades in communication devices that produce too much noise. We can start from shaft diaspora hot fan production businesses, requires the ability to dc cooling fan manufacturer strengthening design, continuously optimize airfoil design high performance and low noise. We can from the noise, but for the obstacles to optimize communication equipment system air duct, as far as possible to eliminate the obstacles block the cooling fan ventilation aspects. This kind of phenomenon is mainly in communications equipment is the cooling fan blades rotating cutting air. And are produced by the cooling fan running air crash barriers. Above is the communication equipment in the shaft diaspora hot fan a few small knowledge, hope to be of help. Wen ling chi automotive air conditioning cooling cooling fan is specialized in the r&d, cooling fan, fan peng dc dc cooling fan manufacturer brand, excellent quality, first-class service, welcome to have a need to know the friend to come to consult. Thanks for sharing.
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