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Commonly used computer radiator cooling fan repair

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Who had put the years in using a computer, not burn a few CPU cooling fan or power supply a cooling fan? I, too, in the corner a few burned-out CPU cooling fans abandon a pity, why not try to fix the removal, may recycle! Damage, the cooling fan of transistor burn out in a coil burned, circuit board, bearing a cooling fan for lack of oil was jammed or for cooling fan dust too much stuck to wait for a few kinds. From the author of a dozen a cooling fan ( Including power supply cooling fan) Remove, damage is either the cause of lack of oil, or dust, the cause of the damage caused by coil none. One of the CPU cooling fan, cooling fan stalling caused by lack of oil, hot coil are issued the anxious burnt flavour, even become a dark red color, but after the repair process below, still with the new cooling fan. Take the cooling fan is removed from the radiator, cooling fan in the face of the center of one side of the radiator parts, is usually thought to be a circular piece of sticking adhesive paper, peel off the adhesive paper, round hole will appear at the centre of the cooling fan. On the central bearing card has a small 'C' shaped plastic card, the clip needs to be removed, otherwise, the motor rotor ( Including a cooling fan blade) Cannot be removed. The small clip can be removed with two sharp things with. Please be sure to keep it, it will not be lost. Then, in one hand and a cooling fan blades, another hand holding the fan frame back, in this way, can make the motor stator and rotor. First take a closer look at the stator coil, as long as no burning, peeling, generally can be normal use. The following have to do is to cheer bearing cleaning. Must be cleaned thoroughly before oiling cooling fans, or directly after lubrication cooling fans will be unstable. Method is to stator and rotor dust removal, and then clean. Cleaning method of rotor is the roots of the shaft first small 'O' shaped rubber ring to be removed, rinse it with anhydrous alcohol, then the rotor in alcohol use absorbent cotton swab to clean out, set into the 'O' shaped rubber ring and put it aside to dry. Since then, the cleaning of the stator. Your stator should pay attention to, can't let coil exposure to alcohol, otherwise the paint film on the surface of the coil will be dissolved and caused damage of coil. Method is to use a tiny amount of absorbent cotton wrapped on toothpick, dipped in alcohol wiped repeatedly into the stator copper collar, until clean. Stay after the alcohol evaporate in the copper bushing inside two drops of oil quality and the rotor shaft is dripping, not too much. Don't use a sewing machine oil, because the oil in a relatively short period of time will become dry, without oil, can be substituted for domestic sesame oil. The last good combination of the stator, rotor, installed the clip. Middle hole tape affixed to prevent into ashes, then the cooling fan is fixed on the heat sink can be normal use. The above information is provided by the cooling fan, please login/learn more content
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