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Common sense of cooling fan in medical equipment

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
Cooling fans are widely used in today's society, and heat dissipation issues are involved in all walks of life. Such as electronic products, mechanical equipment, lighting stage, industrial sewage, medical equipment and so on. Below, the technical staff of Wenling Yi Rongchuan will give you a brief guidance on some common knowledge about cooling fans in medical equipment. In medical equipment, radiator fans and radiator fans are used in high-frequency electrosurgical devices, biochemical instruments, immune instruments, blood coagulation, and blood analysis instruments, etc. Common problems are: First, noise problems Noise problems are the most common in the use of cooling fans. If you find that the noise of the cooling fan is too loud during the use of medical equipment, check the bolts to see if they are loose. Also check whether the impeller of the cooling fan is loose. In many cases, the noise of the cooling fan is inextricably linked with the blades, so once the cooling fan has noise, many users will think of checking the cooling first. The impeller part of the fan. Medical equipment uses high-frequency electric knife, biochemical equipment, immunological equipment, blood coagulation, and blood analysis equipment. Second, the motor does not rotate. If such a phenomenon occurs in the medical centrifugal fan, you must first cut off the power supply and then check. If the live check is likely to threaten the life safety of the maintenance personnel, it constitutes a big safety hazard. In fact, the heat dissipation fan As long as the power supply is involved in many of the faults, it is necessary to cut off the power supply to ensure safety. Third, bearing vibration problems. The vibration of the cooling fan will cause damage to the bearings and blades, loose bolts, damage to the casing and air ducts, and other failures, which seriously endanger the safe operation of the fan. There are many reasons for the excessive vibration of the bearing of the cooling fan. If you can analyze the reasons for different phenomena and adopt appropriate treatment methods, it can often achieve a multiplier effect. Although the failure is similar to other industries, the handling method depends on the situation. Also, pay more attention to the daily inspection and maintenance of the cooling fan. The doctor is a sacred profession, and the equipment in his hand is also very important. There can be no sloppy. The above is some small common sense about heat dissipation fans in medical equipment. Wenling Tongchi automobile air conditioner heat dissipation fan manufacturers specialize in supplying heat dissipation fans, heat dissipation fans, DC and AC heat dissipation fans wholesale, which can give you better service and better quality The product. Ten years of Taiwanese enterprise qualifications, rapid sample production, price consultation: 18923728252
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