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Chassis radiator cooling fan how to install, Graphic)

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Isn't a lot of time to feel the case is very hot, and sometimes also can feel a big heat, the device outside at this time we can in case a cooling fan, the chassis cooling fans how to install it

all our fans are generally installed on the chassis fan mouth. How should we look for a fan mouth? As shown in figure

to install a fan in the front position, is not recommended because of the discrete heat fan, air arrived near the cooling fan wind speed had fallen so much that the effect is not ideal. So the case should be installed behind the

after blowing inside is better than convulsions, because of the high fan blowing ratio convulsions, and sent to the cold air can reduce the temperature of the cooling fan. Already have power in convulsions, on the other hand,


do not install too many fan

the wiring inside the case clearly, don't block the exhaust

fans try to buy one, buy a 12 cm fan, the wind strength

installation method:

a fan is has four corners, and fixed fan, four horns are generally screwed good

fixed well, we will be able to arrange fan line connected to. Can be received the motherboard to power on. First motherboard power supply is very reasonable, see pin you can plug in to try, never burned cars,
the main board of the line after the third line of the mainboard. If not connected to the power supply on the

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