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Characteristics and application fields of cross-flow fans

by:TOCH     2021-03-26

Automotive radiator fan factory is a cooling fan manufacturer with years of Ru0026D and manufacturing experience. Below, I will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of cross-flow fans. Cross-flow fans are also called cross-flow fans, whose motor shaft is perpendicular to the air entering the fan. Cross-flow fans have the following characteristics: Cross-flow fans use a relatively long barrel-shaped fan impeller to work. The diameter of the barrel-shaped fan blades is relatively large. Because of the large diameter, it can guarantee the overall air circulation. Use a relatively low speed to reduce the noise caused by high-speed operation. The impeller of the fan has been dynamically balanced: just like the dynamic balance of a car wheel, the wind wheel of a cross-flow fan also needs to do this work. In simple terms, it is to maintain the balance of the wind wheel in the running state, reduce noise, and extend Fan life. Dynamic balancing is a time-consuming work. In fact, the final result may be to add a counterweight to a certain part of the wind wheel. However, where exactly should it be added? How big is it? This directly affects the service life of the cross-flow fan. The fan blades of the fan are carefully calculated to intentionally make the distance between the blades disorderly, presenting a state of 'unequal distance': this is also very simple, that is, trying to make the audio generated by the rotating wind wheel and the air 'not 'Regularity' becomes a 'piece' of wind noise, rather than a wind sound concentrated on a certain frequency band. There are two types of noise, narrow-band noise and broadband noise. Regular narrow-band noise is easy to attract people’s attention and annoys people; while broadband noise is relatively close to the natural noise situation, although it cannot be eliminated, it is relatively 'soundproof' and makes people Not that upset. , Fan blade manufacturing material: The fan impeller in the fan is very long. If such a barrel-shaped fan blade is made of inferior materials, it can save a lot of cost, but it will not be long after it is turned, and the entire fan will be deformed. The leaves are no longer in a straight line, but droop in the middle. You can imagine how noisy the drooping fan blades are when they turn up, and it will drive the entire air curtain to vibrate! , Motor: The wind wheel depends on the motor to make it run. If the motor is of poor quality, it cannot operate normally, or the starting power is weak, it will not work. If the quality of the motor is poor, you will still hear the 'buzzing' sound of the motor. , It is a kind of torture. Cross-flow fans have a wide range of applications, including air purifiers, air curtains, wine coolers, fireplaces, freezers, solariums, subways, harvesters and other equipment.
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