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Centrifugal cooling fan and axial cooling fan of the four major difference

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Centrifugal cooling fan and shaft diaspora hot fan is often used in the car, some customers will be asked about what is the difference between the two cooling fan, what is the distinguishing feature of each, in the selection and use of often encountered this kind of problem, here today is about the complete difference between the two types of cooling fan do some analysis.

, principle of different 1. Principle of centrifugal cooling fan, air axial flow into the rotating blades, under the action of centrifugal force was thrown to the impeller outer edge and the outlet.
2。 Axis diaspora heat fan principle: gas axial into rotary vane axial discharge from the other side again after be pressurized.
2, the structure of different
1, general by centrifugal cooling fan impeller, casing, current collector, motor and transmission parts ( As the main shaft, pulley, bearings, triangle, etc. ) Composition. Impeller by roulette, ( Leaf number for 8 ~ 16) commonly , wheel cover, shaft plate. Chassis consists of cochlear plate, side panel and leg. Centrifugal cooling fan blade forward or backward of blade can be used to adapt to the requirement of air volume air pressure. And noise elimination, ark can do on the noise index has obvious benefit. Motor and the cooling fan is generally through shaft connection.
2, shaft diaspora hot fan generally consist of impeller, casing, current collector and motor, impeller composed of blade and hub, chassis consists of ram, frame plate and the support. Diaspora thermal fan of axial fan blades confined to the diameter of the shell. General motor in the cooling fan.
3 of wind pressure, air velocity and different
1, centrifugal cooling fan with high pressure coefficient, the relatively low flow coefficient, according to the high and low pressure can be divided into high pressure ( 15000~3000Pa) , medium voltage ( 3000 ~ 1000 pa) And low pressure ( < 1000 pa) 。
2, shaft diaspora heat fan with low pressure flow characteristics of the high and low pressure are divided into high pressure ( 500~5000Pa) And low pressure ( < 500 pa) 。 Low pressure ventilation is used mainly for general use.
4, degree of difficulty to install different
centrifugal cooling fan is often installed in the air conditioning unit inlet and outlet of the boiler drum, the cooling fan and so on location, installation is more complex, shaft diaspora of cooling fan is often installed in the duct, or duct exit front end.
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