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Cause a large cooling fan cooling fan noise factors

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Measure a cooling fan cooling fan quality another external factors are the size of the noise. Imagine if you buy a cooling fan cooling cooling fan noise is very big, even if the cooling fan performance is good, the wind again strong, I think you also can choose to return, because the cooling fan noise is too general greatly affect our mood to play cars. So what lead to the cooling fan cooling fan noise big? It is affected by those factors? Here by us - possessing thermal cooling fan manufacturer Chi automotive air conditioning technology analysis analysis for everybody: the size of the cooling fan cooling cooling fan noise, are generally were strongly associated with the power of the cooling fan, usually the greater the power, speed is faster, but also will lead to greater noise, therefore, in the purchase, do not blindly pursue high power, high performance, be sure to try the size of the cooling fan noise, and then make a decision for other factors. Radiator cooling fan noises, of course, not all is the cooling fan itself quality problem, it is possible that the cooling fan shaft lubrication effect not line, or the radiator cooling fan is not properly installed, if this is the case, we'd better to locate for the cooling fan, or add some lubricant to the cooling fan rotor, so as to ensure the lubrication effect is good. Now the radiator cooling fan in order to reduce the noise in some of the design, such as changing the Angle of the blades, increase of fan shaft lubrication degree and degree of stability, etc. When we use oil lubrication bearing, due to the operation time is not long it is easy to cause overheating and appear the freezing machine, may be the movement of burn out. For this, now there are many good brands of cooling fan are beginning to use ball bearing, the bearing is used a lot of steel ball as a medium for reducing friction. Characteristics of the ball bearing radiator cooling fan is that wind is big, long service life, low noise, but the cost is relatively high, only high-end cooling fan might use it, and for ordinary radiator cooling fan, while all call 'bearing', but only bearing, which consists of copper coat and steel shaft core, and 'bearing' but cooling completely different things. Finally, the cooling fan is one that goes on smoothly running platform, otherwise, time is long, can cause internal bearing wear serious, will cause a lot of noise. Ok, that is lead to the cooling fan cooling fan noise factors, more auspicious, please pay attention to our company's official website. Our company is specialized in the research and development of supply and marketing radiator cooling fan, cooling fan, fan, dc peng shaft diaspora hot industries such as the cooling fan cooling fan brand manufacturers, welcome to consultation, free proofing directly.
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