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'Carrot and stick' to adjust motor cooling fan fan air volume method!

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
“ Carrot and stick & throughout; Adjust the car radiator fan fan air volume method.
auto cooling fan fan is depend on the input mechanical energy, improve the gas pressure side by side to send a follower of fluid machinery. Two type can be made into right-handed and left-handed, from motor side face impeller clockwise, turn the cooling fan, called right counterclockwise, called left-handed. Working principle and the turbine compressor are basically the same, but due to the low gas flow rate, pressure changes small, generally does not need to consider the change of the gas volume, namely the gas as incompressible fluid handling. Newly installed a cooling fan air volume will be too big, after the cooling fan is a new installation began formal operation, or in use process is too big or too small, one of the following methods can be used to eliminate: change the speed adjusting flow cooling fan. Using the damper opening and closing degree to adjust flow. Change the pipeline resistance coefficient to adjust flow. Changing pressure higher or lower cooling fan flow adjustment.

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