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Car video card cooling fan is introduced

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Car is a good performance with high, it must be little also not a good video card cooling fan. Any car, car radiator cooling fan plays a very important role, the stand or fall of car radiator cooling fan directly affect the cooling efficiency, is also one of the standard of judging a car, here, let us possessing a car radiator fan manufacturer 【 Chi automotive air conditioning 】 Getting off the bus card cooling fan for everybody introduction of heat dissipation on the graphics card is by two parts, heat and cooling heat some is aluminum or copper metal cover in the center, the heat absorption and then on to the radiator heat discharged by the thermal cooling fan. Video card on the market today, a lot of graphics radiator cooling fan is ball bearing cooling fan, there are three kinds of graphics cooling fan bearing general. The first is the most widely used oil bearing cooling fan, the use of sliding friction sleeve bearing, lubricating oil as a lubricant and drag reduction agent, early use running low noise, also lower the manufacturing cost, hence many manufacturers the most commonly used types of cooling fan. But this kind of bearing is easy to wear and life of ball bearings have a large gap. And the bearing use over time, as the cause of the oil seal is volatile, and dust will enter the bearing, thus caused the cooling fan speed slow, increase the problems such as noise, serious still can because the bearing wear caused the cooling stalling eccentric caused violent vibration or the cooling fan and cooling fan after stalling may cause great graphics core burned because the temperature was too high. The second is a single ball bearing cooling fan, is the improvement on the traditional oil bearing, in the form of sliding friction and rolling friction, match with a ball bearing is actually a dual ball bearing oil bearing way to reduce the cost, it between the rotor and stator with ball bearing with lubricating oil for lubrication. The service life of the bearing is about 40000 hours, the oil-retaining bearing cooling fan to long service life. Dual ball bearing and the third is the high cost of the cooling fan, the bearing belong to is a high-end bearing, in the form of rolling friction, adopted two ball bearing, bearing of several small steel ball around the axis, when fan page or axis of rotation, the steel ball is followed. Because is a sphere, so less friction, and there is no oil leakage problems. Double ball bearing has the advantage of long service life, about 60000 - 100000 hours. Anti-aging performance is good, suitable for high speed of cooling fan. Double ball bearing the shortcoming of the cooling fan is the high cost, so as to increase the cost of the radiator and graphics, so don't have a graphics card manufacturers. Double ball bearing is the biggest characteristic of the cooling fan has long life, at about 60000 - 100000 hours, the figure means that the cooling fan on the graphics card you are constantly running 24 hours a day, the service life of the cooling fan to 6 ~ 10 years, life cycle is 2 - general graphics Three years, a lot of users in this period of time will get a new card, after the actual use far short of such a long time. But for users, low heat dissipation fan failure rate to maximum security for a long time and stable operation of the graphics, the graphics card also greatly reduces the risk of failure. Ok, above is the introduction of car video card cooling fan, believe that through the above content, everybody also for auto radiator cooling fan, wen ling chi car air conditioning is specializing in the production of automotive radiator fan, dc cooling fan, dc fan cooling cooling fan peng brand manufacturers, more than ten years of experience in research and development of Taiwanese, excellent quality, the sample quickly. If you want to purchase, welcome everybody to come to consult to understand.
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