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Car radiator knowledge popularization

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
As is known to all, for the most part of computer hardware used are integrated circuit, integrated circuit is the most afraid of be high temperature, however. High temperature can not only lead to computer operation instability, but also to a certain extent, auto hardware damage, so as to reduce car use time, perhaps even burned parts. Due to high temperature is not computer outside, but inside the computer, also can saying is the inside of integrated plate. The role of the radiator is to absorb the energy generated by the integrated circuit, and then spread into the chassis and then through the car radiator cooling fan. To ensure that the inside of the car chassis temperature is normal. Is also many different kinds of radiator, radiator fan, video card, motherboard chip, hard disk, etc. All these need the radiator, and these different kinds of radiator also cannot be used mixed with. The cooling way is divided into passive and active cooling heat dissipation. According to the two different ways of heat dissipation, we respectively two examples: 1. Water cooling: in life we often contact is a kind of cooling fan cooling, the water cooling is used to control the temperature, is the radiator cooling fan, through the cooling fan take away the energy absorbed by the radiator. This is that the benefits of cheap, loading and unloading of simple, is a more commonly used cooling method. 2. Cooling plate: this cooling method we commonly used in automobile, due to the car body is thinner, so the cooling plate against the mainboard and keyboard, when we use the keyboard keys floating up and down, through the small hole on the keyboard to discharge heat. To control the temperature inside the chassis. Above information from chi automotive air conditioning technology co. , LTD. , please do not reprint!
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