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Car radiator fan factory's solemn statement on the counterfeiting of brand trademarks

by:TOCH     2021-03-26

Recently, our company has discovered and customer feedback that many unscrupulous merchants counterfeit inferior quality and use fakes as genuine products. With the help of the brand trademark of the car radiator fan factory, they pretend to be the products of the car radiator fan factory. The price was publicized on the Internet, which seriously misled the customer's identification and selection of our related products, seriously affected the normal business dealings between the customer and our company and the reputation of the car radiator fan factory, and its behavior has violated the legitimate rights and interests of our company. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of our customers, consumers and the company, and to combat such illegal acts, we hereby issue a solemn statement as follows:, namely '' and 'YM fanWith the exclusive right to use the trademark, illegal merchants use trademarks that are the same or similar to our registered trademark on the same or similar goods without the permission of the trademark owner. This damages our legal rights and interests. This constitutes a trademark infringement. Our company has the right to pass Legal procedures will hold them accountable. If the circumstances are serious, criminal responsibility must also be borne. China’s Criminal Law has provisions specifically for intellectual property crimes. , Please carefully identify our company's brand trademark and the logo on the cooling fan frame and leaf before purchasing: Our company's registered trademark, the trademark logo on the fan frame, the trademark logo on the fan blade, hereby declare. Note: This statement and its right to modify and update The right and final interpretation right belong to the auto radiator fan factory. Automobile radiator fan factory
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