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Car radiator cooling fan quality monitoring

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Car radiator cooling fan, everyone has not strange, the consciousness of the general as long as there is a car, there are more or less a bit know, automobile engine is good or bad, whether can run normally, this need not I said, everyone knew the importance, so as the quality of automotive cooling system of the cooling fan is taken for granted and become what we need to focus on, then below by us - possessing a car radiator fan manufacturer YiRongChuan professional technicians with everybody understand understand car radiator cooling fan: first, the qualified documents and sign: each product after inspection qualified rear can leave the factory, and product quality certification and tag attached. Second, inspection categories: radiator cooling fan test is divided into factory inspection and acceptance test and type test. Third, factory inspection: a: appearance inspection, installation size, b: current, rotate speed test, c: differential pressure, air volume; The differential pressure and air volume inspection for sampling inspection and acceptance inspection: 4 radiator cooling fan acceptance inspection, in accordance with the provisions; Fifth, the type of inspection: 1. Should be in the form of inspection of several ways: a. The test of new products won the old products to production custom type identification; b。 After the formal production, such as structure, material, technology has great change and may affect the product performance; c。 Batch or a lot of products not not less than two years; D product production, restore production more than one year; e. Factory inspection result has a bigger difference; F national watchdog type inspection when required. Sixth, radiator cooling fan sampling and grouping: 1. Sample quantity: do type test products from the factory inspection qualified extracted with a batch of products, quantity not less than 15 units ( Set) Not less than three number, each group ( Set) ; 2. Radiator cooling fan sample group: to conduct re-inspection according to the factory inspection items first, after the reinspection qualified products can be divided into 5 groups. Appropriate test according to the following group and project order. The first group: noise test, electromagnetic disturbance test, pressure test, insulation cold start test, salt spray test. The second group: temperature experiment, the temperature and humidity cycling test, spray test, industrial solvent test; The third group: dynamic balance test, vibration test, impact test, surface protection test, locked-rotor test; The fourth group: durability test; Five: abnormal voltage resistance test, the flame retardant test. Seven: radiator cooling fan other type testing, according to the rules. Above is the quality of the auto radiator cooling fan monitoring process, monitoring, of course, more detail, the concrete depends on the actual testing, wen ling chi automotive air conditioning has a high-quality management and research and development technical team, the company has been committed to the regularized management, more than 100 outstanding assembler, adopted the means of standardized production, the implementation of standardized operation, and has perfect testing management, efficient the monthly production capacity of more than 1. 3 million units. And can design for customers to develop personalized products and auxiliary cooling solutions. Company to customer demand and needs as the guidance, in order to better serve global customers, YiRongChuan radiator cooling fan has obtained a series of safety certification, such as: CCC, UL, CE, ROHS, CUL, etc. Radiator cooling fan industry leader. You are welcome to inquire.
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