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【 Car radiator cooling fan 】 Notable failures

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
A car is one of the most indispensable assistant in our IT industry, but with the development of the electronics industry science and technology, to meet the needs of people on car function diversification. Car is also becoming more and more internal electric mainboard route set, and the increasing energy consumption quantity of heat, heat dissipation problem is whether we will no longer be ignored. Can be roughly divided into water cooling system of a car, semiconductor refrigeration, oil cooling, etc. But now we are still low price and the most commonly used reasonable air cooled radiator cooling fan. Desktop car use to the heat dissipation of the cooling fan equipment, one is the power source, a cooling fan. Car power supply cooling fan because of the consumption is not big, with life and time is longer, and the cooling fan cooling cooling fan is often easy to bad product. Below by possessing YiRongChuan radiator cooling fan factory professional and technical personnel for the cooling fan cooling cooling fan common faults, help you parse the solution: buy a new car, quality is a bit poor, general use less than a week there is too much noise poor rotation, etc. , the speed of the cooling fan just slowly, when the phone is switched on and the noise is bigger, a period of time has returned to normal. At first thought it was the cooling fan motor problem, replace the same use for a period of time after the cooling fan is still appear the phenomenon. After analysis, the original radiator cooling fan of the indoor temperature is low, cause the rotation bearing lubrication failure. Solution: to the cooling fan into anti-freeze lubricating oil, and pay attention to using the environment temperature in large software or games long time work when I was a big noise, or the card machine, and so on and so forth. Solution: the reason is because of the case caused by the internal heat radiator cooling fan not free, it will automatically adjust the cooling fan speed voice is bigger, don't worry, this is normal phenomenon, you feel, such as if still remains so after 10 to 20 minutes, then you just check to see if this models for constant speed cooling fan, ( In general, is unlikely to be constant speed of cooling fan) If not. That is the reason why car radiator cooling fan itself, recommend replacing. The above is the IT industry is remarkable some auto radiator cooling fan fault, are you learned? If need to change the car of the good quality guaranteed, chassis, radiator fan cooling cooling fan, please look for possessing & quot; ( YiRongChuan] ” Electrons. 。
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