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Car radiator cooling fan noise cancellation five strategies

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Car radiator cooling fan noise brought much effect to life, it's not a small make up, as everybody knows, but want to car radiator cooling fan completely silent that is not scientific, so that reduce the car radiator cooling fan noise is our society nowadays people the biggest concern of the topic, then the following [by possessing the cooling fan manufacturer Chi automotive air conditioning 】 The technician about the auto radiator cooling fan for everyone except the noise of the five strategies. First, of course, is to clean up the dust, the general cooling of the cooling fan noise are mostly part is derived from the radiator cooling fan too dust caused by fault, and the first prepare a small bottle of oil and a toothpick, and then removed from the chassis for the power supply, open the power of the shell and remove the cooling fan, find the cooling fan blade on the location of the dust collection, with a soft brush to clean. Finishing homework finished, in the middle of the cooling fan positive usually has a volume label, uncovers the volume label can be seen the cooling fan bearings, dip in with a toothpick in smooth point on the bearing, the right note oil. After the completion of the stick label back, avoid dust to enter, then the cooling fan and power supply restoration. Demand prompt you, this is the cooling fan don't use the oil, filling defect of the oil will not smooth, not only can accelerate bearing wear, instead we should choose goods for alternative may be able to use the excellent sewing machine oil. Second, the stream strategy. Power supply noise is caused by turning the instantaneous high current, can install filters or switch to a better quality of power supply, prevent the large current impact noise. You can also use some filter function of smart power outlet connection between a host and to ensure that the vehicle power supply current interference from the outside world. Third, shockproof strategy. About power supply, the demand shock orientation is not only the cohesion between the cooling fan and power, and connection between power supply and chassis, in addition to fixed strong outside, also can add in touch azimuth thin cloth, rubber mat and so on buffer, even to be able to purchase a special power supply shock products. Fourth, install thermal cooling fan speed. So-called thermal cooling fan speed governor, is a kind of active cooling fan speed governor, with temperature measuring probe using time-division will touch the heat sink temperature measuring probe, and the cooling fan is connected to the governor, when the temperature increases, the speed governor control cooling fan progress, when the temperature is low, the speed governor control cooling fan falling speed, it can achieve the purpose of reducing noise. Fifth, replacement car mute the cooling fan. Can try to replace the car mute the cooling fan, there are a lot of quiet power supply on the market at present, the power supply is usually passed strict examination, can effectively reduce the power supply noise. Also can better cooling cooling fan for power supply replaced. Replacement power supply process of the cooling fan is simple, the key is to pay attention to the connection part of the cooling fan and power supplies. Well, the above is the five big car radiator cooling fan noise reduction strategy, hope through this article to be of help. If there is doubt, may seek advice from division I wen ling chi car air conditioning, our company is specialized in the research and development production radiator cooling fan, cooling fan, dc cooling fan, radiator cooling fan of dc blower brands, more than ten years experience in Taiwan enterprise research and development, excellent production quality inspection team. Radiator cooling fan is the leader of the industry, free proofing for you directly, and design the cooling scheme, two days can be out of the sample.
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