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Car radiator cooling fan manufacturer to tell you what is the five cooling principle of laptop cool

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
If from a large content of computer laptop to carry on the car, the greater demands of the change on the notebook, auto cooling fan manufacturers have to introduce the computer heat dissipation in above two ways, small make up now auto cooling fan manufacturer to introduce the small figure in the notebook is under the principle of how to turn the huge quantity of heat to send out! Take a look at.

1, the cooling plate: it is a basic way of heat dissipation. Auto cooling fan manufacturer to tell you this is usually in the upper and lower part of the cooling fan is equipped with a thermal conductivity board, through the catheter to export the heat generated by the cooling fan, and then use the fan of the outlet exhaust heat, then can from the air inlet into the air.

2, common cooling fan: this is a common kind of laptop cooling technique, due to the low cost, heat dissipation is more, so most manufacturers will use this kind of cooling technique, but auto cooling fan manufacturer to tell you, it's weakness is extremely, power consumption and heat dissipation speed slower. Now due to technical reasons the general cooling fan is parallel to the main board, so no longer is limited by the thickness of the fuselage, help body is thinner.

3, ventilation: every notebook cooling hole, this is one of the more important the cooling way. Auto cooling fan manufacturer to tell you is generally around the perimeter of the notebook is at the bottom, according to the set of notebook internal institutions, in the corresponding table set ventilation can better combined with the actual heating area of the circulating cooling.

4, keyboard cooling: due to the notebook thin, keyboard at the bottom of the metal plate and the body together, can't help letting people come up with a more creative way. Through keyboard issued by metal plate absorbs the heat energy produced is below the cooling fan, then use button hole ruled out hot air, can think of, in your keys between knocks notebook also quietly out of the heat.

5, metal cooling: auto cooling fan manufacturer to tell you that in fact the notebook the casing outside the metal is for laptop heat dissipation have certain effect, but the real metal heat dissipation is not refers to the metal shell of the notebook, but its internal metal. It can run on a laptop at ordinary times of natural cooling, thus reduce the cooling fan for laptop power consumption and the noise outside.
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