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Car radiator cooling fan manufacturer to tell you the dc cooling performance advantage of the cooling fan is what

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Today the continuous development of the electronics industry, many electronic products are more and more widely used, the demand is also increasing. Such as: dc cooling fans,, then, what are the advantages of dc cooling fan is worthy of merchants favor and sought after? Auto cooling fan manufacturer here small make up to introduce the advantage and function of dc cooling fan! ! ! !

dc cooling fans advantages:

1, low cost of inverter, the inverter capacity low

auto cooling fan manufacturer tell you continue to run when the current inverter, rating is rectangular wave peak, induction motor need to sine wave current, direct current motor need rectangular wave current. Inverter to continue running when the current rating of generally refers to the effective value of the sine wave. To adhere to the inverter's ability to control the motor current and dc voltage inverter and motor should be enough difference between induced electromotive force. Auto cooling fan manufacturer to tell you this kind of circumstance, if the assumption of dc motor and induction motor current peak is equal, is 33% higher than that of the former power output than the latter, that is to say, the same rectifier/inverter to drive more than 33% higher than that of induction motor output power brushless dc motor.

2, high power factor

the power factor is far higher than that of induction motor, because of the dc motor excitation magnetic field does not need power grid reactive current. Auto cooling fan manufacturer to tell you that dc motor can run on 1 power factor, it is highly advantageous to small power motor. Motor and induction motor has higher efficiency when compared with not only the rated load and power factor, and has more advantages in light load.

3, low loss, high efficiency,

eliminate the loss of induction motor excitation current, permanent magnet dc motor work in synchronous operation mode at the same time, auto cooling fan manufacturer to tell you because dc cooling fans used permanent magnet excitation. To eliminate the switch frequency of the induction motor rotor core loss. These two aspects makes the running efficiency of permanent magnet dc motor is far higher than that of induction motor, small capacity motor efficiency is more obvious.

4, speed control performance is good, simple control

dc fan speed regulation control is not only simple, compared with induction motor variable frequency speed regulation, and has better performance of speed adjustment.

these advantages and characteristics of dc cooling fans can be very good to use in its electronics industry, machinery and equipment. Auto cooling fan manufacturer to tell you that because of its small convenient wait for a reason also make its application more widely.
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