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Car radiator cooling fan manufacturer to tell you the cooling temperature and cooling fan cooling fan is the relationship between

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Auto cooling fan manufacturer to tell you the cooling fan can be said to be the car in the brain, it just like the human brain to command the car parts of the work at the same time, therefore, in the summer comes, people will try to more attention to in the car radiator fan, because car radiator fan temperature too high can burn out the mainboard, makes the car blue screen and crash, caton wait for a phenomenon also is common occurance. So in the design of each car there will be a cooling fan for cooling fan with cooling. Then by tong chi auto cooling fan manufacturers talk about cooling fan, the cause of the high temperature and the relationship between the cooling fan fan.

auto cooling fan manufacturer to tell you the cooling fan is generally higher temperature heat does not reach the designated position. The main reason for the heat dissipation problems under several points.

first, installation, the installation is not standard, silica gel too little or too much, cooling fan and cooling fan fan is not close to. Auto cooling fan manufacturer know thermal contact undesirable common, unloaded check, which could see the cooling fan cooling fan and cooling rack or observation of contact. Switch to a better thermal conductive silicone containing silver.

in the second place, the cooling fan fan itself quality problem, the fan is damaged, fan aging, to stop turning. Can cause insufficient cooling capacity and prompted the cooling fan temperature too high.

third, backlog too much dust on the cooling fan fan, fan bearing oil shortage, make it easier for the cooling fan fan rotation, speed is reduced, thus caused by the heat dissipation is not in place.

4, automotive cooling fan manufacturer to tell you the virus Trojan, sasser and some spyware and other people also can switch on the cooling fan using abnormal problem.

cooling method:

first, clean up the dust inside the case ( Accurate method is to use a bicycle pump to blow the dust) 。

second, between the cooling fan and radiator must add thermal conductive silicone. And to spread evenly.

third, auto cooling fan manufacturer to tell you on cooling fan bearing place a drop of sewing machine oil, which can effectively reduce the noise! Don't drop, a drop of it.

4, equipped with high-power cooling fan fan, replace the better heat dissipation fan fan.

5, equipped with chassis cooling fan ( Must want to buy a double ball bearing) 。

6, remove the host to good vents

auto cooling fan manufacturer to tell you that the above is the cause of the high temperature of the cooling fan and cooling method, hope to be of help, for car configuration, of course, a good cooling fan cooling fan is also very important.
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