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Car radiator cooling fan manufacturer to tell you that the service life of the cooling of the cooling fan bearing

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Auto cooling fan manufacturer to tell you is actually a cooling fan bearing is the core part of the cooling fan, it determines the life span of the cooling fan use, performance, and the noise situation, auto cooling fan manufacturer today bearing life just to tell you about some of the related knowledge content, we take a look at.

generally, bearing life is refers to the bearing under the condition of the actual service ( Including working conditions, environmental conditions and maintenance and maintenance, etc. ) Satisfy the requirement of active, can continue to keep working performance and precision of the specialty service period.

  1. The basic concept of bearing life

auto cooling fan manufacturer to tell you that according to the latest bearing fatigue life theory, an excellent design, excellent material, excellent manufacture and install the correct bearing, as long as enough to easily subjected to the load ( No greater than the corresponding a durability limit load bearing value) , the bearing will never produce fatigue damage of materials. Therefore, as long as the bearing working environment temperature is appropriate and modest, absolutely no solid dust and harmful gas and water invasion of bearings, bearing lubrication and right fully, lubricant absolutely pure without impurities, and not aging metamorphism, the bearing will run indefinitely. Auto cooling fan manufacturers think the significance of this theory is that it not only provides a more than the ISO equation is more reliable to predict the tools of modern bearing life, and all is that it shows the fatigue life of bearing has considerable development potential, and shows the ways to develop the potential, thus to bearing product development, quality management and application of technology has a profound impact.
but, bearing the infinite possible only under the condition of laboratory 'implementation', and this kind of condition for bearing under certain condition of field use, both difficult to too expensive.

auto cooling fan manufacturer to tell you the scene using bearing and its workload is often greater than its corresponding fatigue durability limit load, after the work to a certain time limit, or late or early due to the material itself will always reach contact fatigue limit and fatigue spalling and cannot continue to use. Even if some bearing working load is lower than its corresponding durability limit load, also due to the bearing the problem of pollution of hard to eradicate the wear failure occurred. To sum up, the scene of bearing more or less in use can't fully meet those of the lab conditions, and slightly in either condition, will reduce bearing period are available, and this leads to the problem of bearing life.

  2. Type of bearing life

auto cooling fan manufacturer told you bearing failure form is varied, but most of the failure forms so far there is no available life calculation method, only the life of the fatigue life and wear life, lubrication and micro life can be quantitatively evaluated by the method of calculation.

  ( 1) Fatigue life,
in the lubrication and the other to use normal conditions fully, bearing failure due to fatigue spalling, often the term fatigue life can sample to check the data, in accordance with the provisions of the reliability of the formula and the application in a calculated.

  ( 2) Main bearing wear life,
machine in large diameter to ensure its high stiffness, the dimension of bearing for the corresponding also big, at the end of its far reaching before fatigue limit, often lost due to abrasion to precision that can't continue to use, must use wear life of this kind of bearing to ran for the possibility of service period. In fact, the field use of bearing failure due to excessive wear mostly, so wear life issues must also be considered.

  ( 3) Lubrication life, mainly for double-sided tape sealing grease lubricated bearing, after a complete fat no longer supplement fatliquoring, the bearing life will depend on the service life of get fat.

  ( 4) Micro abrasive wear life, winch, cantilever micro juki and gear transmission, and clutch bearings, such as the organization in its operating condition by micro abrasion damage resulting from vibration load. Tend to develop into the dominant failure modes of the bearing, bearing of such institutions, sometimes need to compute the micromotion abrasion life.
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