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Car radiator cooling fan manufacturer to tell you how to deal with miniature dc cooling fan noise problem

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Micro dc fan, strange and familiar thing for everybody, strange because of its name, familiar with because we often come into contact with, often in our apart when old equipment or maintenance of household appliances, we can see the figure of it, then the following by auto cooling fan manufacturer to explain the reason of the micro dc fan noise and processing method.

before this, auto cooling fan manufacturers think we must first understand what factors, micro dc fan noise and

1, the rotation speed. Dc fan speed faster, the greater the fan, the greater the noise out of course

2, bearings. Dc fan bearing simply divided into two kinds, one kind is oil, is a ball, under normal circumstances, the ball bearing fan was bigger than the oil bearing of the fan noise.

3, air flow. Auto cooling fan manufacturer to tell you the fan blades during the rotation, is the resistance in the air, the faster the rotation, fan leaf area is larger, the greater the resistance, so the noise will be larger.

4, friction.
the fan to use time is too long, the fan will appear more box, vibration, etc. In some cases, auto cooling fan manufacturer to tell you that this will cause the fan blades and fan casing collision or friction, resulting in a noise. Of course quality doesn't generally excellent cooling fans products, such as, 'YiRongChuan'.

the micro dc fan unit is the noise decibel { db} Noise, the method of measurement is to place it in less than 17 db deadened the noise of the chamber, fan, one meter distance along the micro fan rotation direction on the fan air inlet, measured using A weighted way. Auto cooling fan manufacturer to tell you that the mini fan noise spectrum characteristics of is also very important, so you also need to use spectrometer mini fan noise frequency distribution, general requirements of mini fan noise is small as far as possible, and not exist different sounds.

the micro dc fan noise processing method.
1。 According to their own actual situation to choose suitable for use of fan specifications and parameters, not blind pursuit of speed. 2. On a regular basis to clean fan dust and gas to reduce the friction between the fan. 3. Select excellent quality products, auto cooling fan manufacturer to tell you is the best brand, because the brand is the quality and after-sale protection, do not covet is cheap. 4. Between the fan and fixed end mat, rubber sponge or cotton cloth to reduce fan high-speed rotating vibration caused by noise, and there are many methods, in which I can not tell one by one.
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