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Car radiator cooling fan manufacturer tell you car radiator fan installation requirements and quality appraisal method

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Today auto cooling fan manufacturer small make up you for automobile fan blade surface processing difficulty factor to tell you, according to multi-axis linkage nc machining technology of comprehensive processing advantages, to determine the main processing craft route is: leaf tenons and auxiliary locating datum processing -> leaf type surface nc rough milling
- eliminating stress annealing - positioning base repair to blade surface CNC precision milling, light type surface finishing.

auto cooling fan manufacturer than tell you established in the process of the overall technology idea is: type surface nc rough milling to remove most of the allowance and fine milling machining allowance distribution with ideal. Blade profile type CNC precision milling processing to ensure the geometric size and location accuracy reached leaves the final accuracy requirement.

automotive cooling fan manufacturer to tell you a cooling fan of the basic installation requirements, just need to consider the basic requirements, the size of the building facilities, roof or ceiling height to 4 best.
5 meters high, the top and at least one meter above the safety of the space. In the end of the blades on 0. 45 meters above the safe space,
380 v power supply.

auto cooling fan manufacturers tell you car fan quality identification of the main methods:

(1) uniform spray painting, chrome smooth and fine, metal net without extrusion deformation, net no sealing off phenomenon.

2. Press the slowest step, then turn off, switch 4 ~ 5 times in a row, blades should be the normal starting. Start switch shook his head, should be within the scope of 90 ~ 100 degrees natural constant shook his head. Finally according to the fast gear, net, wind leaf, base jitter and noise should be smaller.

3. Desk fan, floor fan, depression Angle adjustment should be flexible. Elevation Angle is big, the fan should be steady; Net for large dip Angle is not touch other parts. Locking device should be reliable.

(4) fan running after a period of time, hand to touch the motor housings if hot, show that there is something wrong with the motor quality.
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