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Car radiator cooling fan caton

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
There are a lot of friends in use desktop car or cars are always appear such circumstance: auto cooling fan does not turn from time to time, caton, car crashes, blue screen, etc. , have a car to the influence of extreme, then you know the cause of car radiator cooling fan caton is? The following is by possessing thermal cooling fan Chi automotive air conditioning technician to explain the cause of the car radiator fan caton: auto cooling fan caton are generally two kinds of circumstances, is a kind of irregular stalling, one kind is stalling with regularity. First if there is no problem, auto radiator car radiator fan cooling fan for a while and stopped for a moment, then repeat cycle this is normal phenomenon. Because the cooling fan cooling fan is mainly in order to take away the heat generated by the cooling fan, if you run the program is small, less running program, less occupied the cooling fan, so heat also is very few, if can be normal cooling, cooling fan cooling fan is not turn. Only when running multiple procedures or large, the cooling fan cooling fan speed is high, and the continuous rotation, to take away heat, guarantee the normal work of the car. There are two reasons: first, the radiator cooling fan is bearing failures of oil is outside interference, cause abnormal cooling fan rotational speed is low, the processing method: without electricity situation, with handle gently stir blade, can see the cooling fan running smoothly, and the cooling fan, when to stop, there will be about the phenomenon of back and forth, if the cooling fan is not running smoothly or stop immediately halt gets stuck, indicates that the cooling fan bearing malfunction & # 39; Need help bearing oiling, or update the cooling fan. In the second place, influenced by the temperature, the car now have the function of the energy saving province electricity. In case the weather is cold, the cooling fan at low temperature, the motherboard will control the cooling fan at low or no work as long as you turn conditions of cooling fan when the temperature rises, the cooling fan will along with the temperature to increase speed, cooling, the cooling fan is normal. The above is the reason why car radiator cooling fan caton, hope for your help, thank you for sharing.
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