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Car power supply cooling fan if quiet?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
With the gradually development of electronic technology. The closer of The Times, electronic technology is becoming more and more exquisite, people demand for electronic performance is becoming more and more is also high. So as we go when we admire in the heart of choose and buy a car, also can at the same time to pay attention to the automobile noise problem. Everyone wants to own a car to completely silent. So what kind of the cooling fan is enough mute, how to know whether your car radiator fan mute? Here, just by possessing mute the cooling fan manufacturers, 【 YiRongChuan 】 Electronics to explain for everybody: it is generally think that 12 cm the power of the cooling fan is the most quiet, actually otherwise, actually under the same speed 8 cm cooling fan power than 12 cm the cooling fan is much more quiet. Why many users will stubbornly believe that 12 cm more quiet cooling fan? Because '12 cm large air volume mute cooling fan' this noun appears almost in every article on power supply, spread the wrong view is repeated more than one thousand times? The concept of countless consumers are manufacturers create brainwashed. Like mute users usually choose 12 cm cooling fan power, large size cooling fan is mute? 12 cm, in fact, at the same speed, the cooling fan noise to a lot larger than 8 cm the cooling fan, cooling fan noise is not big size advantage. Mainstream power 12 cm the cooling fan is widely used, because at the same speed, the 12 cm cooling fan air volume is greater than 8 cm the cooling fan, cooling performance is more outstanding. A power supply mute the cooling fan is mute, completely see power supply manufacturers how to design the cooling fan of the temperature control system. According to our testing experience, when the car standby power supply is in light load condition, the power supply cooling fan speed is roughly around 1000 RPM, then most of the power supply is very quiet. Load when the power supply, internal components at higher temperatures, has gradually speed up the cooling fan, most of the 'silent power when the load will betray oneself, then the cooling fan speed general will reach about 1400 RPM, the noise is very big. So why not set a lower power supply manufacturer of cooling fan speed, with the use of quiet environment? For the simple reason that the cooling fan speed is reduced, the power supply working temperature can cause the power in life, manufacturers promise 3 years warranty period cannot be fulfilled. More quiet cooling fan related knowledge please focus on the 'YiRongChuan, wen ling tong chi car air conditioning is a professional research and development production car radiator cooling fan, support the cooling fan, cooling fan of dc cooling fan brand manufacturer, was founded in 2002, more than ten years of experience in Taiwanese, considerate service, dc cooling fan, complete specifications, support free proofing, directly or indirectly from two days can be out of the sample, welcome everybody to come to consult. 。
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