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Car is very afraid of hot, 【 Auto cooling fan 】 To solve the

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Any equipment in the process of using heat, of course, we often use in the car is not exceptional also, then to introduce our company a for auto cooling fan & ndash; — Auto cooling fan. As our common surveillance cameras, this is our common kind of car, its types and using the environment also is varied. One dot infrared cameras, its heat dissipation problem has the following six commonly used methods:
the first one, we can reduce the current. Using infrared lamp power consumption small lamp instead of large power consumption, while reduced the heat release, but at the time of light over long distances, effect is better than the latter.
second, within the lattice of infrared camera and a cooling fan, do effect affirmation is some, but as a test of the fan in is very strict, and added a fan for the design of the shell is also a test, to ensure that beautiful and practical.
the third, the use of constant current power supply. Maintain a constant current, control LED heat dissipation.
4, leds groupings. In 24 of the infrared, for example, can be arranged in three groups to reduce heat.
5, structure, material selection. Selection of the LED plate and shell, for example, aluminum alloy, heat dissipation good material.
6, the use of cold has forced heat dispersion effect of automatic air conditioning, automatically adjust the lattice internal temperature of the infrared camera, good to solve the problem.
if the good use of the above six, I believe that for this type of camera equipment heat will not happen.
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